My biggest piece of advice, don't stress about it, whatever it is, don't stress it. I'd recommend using a pen and paper to jot down all the pro's and con's of your dilemma and then based off of that info, it's easier to decide. You're welcome :)

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Full Footage - $1,499

Full footage covers the beginning to end of the Ceremony and Reception recorded with 3 camcorders and professional microphones.

Ceremony Full Footage Example

Reception Full Footage Example


Highlights - $1,899

Highlights covers your entire day starting from the preparation of the bride and groom and ending at the reception. We then create a clip tailored to your vision. Aerial shots are not included.

Style 1 - Journalistic

This is more of a quantive video where we include almost every single shot from the wedding day to document the day as much as possible with romantic music in the background. 

Style 2 - Love Story

We choose only the best shots of the day and structure it to show the love story between the couple. These videos usually only have one song and are around 3 minutes.

Style 3 - Our Day

Like 'Love Story' but with more content from the day, such as more of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, all of the toasts during reception, more of the guests,etc...

NEW Style 4 - Reality Wedding

This is almost like a reality show of your wedding day, where we create 5 different "episodes" and include the original audio and as much video from the day as possible. (This is like the journalistic approach but a whole new level)


NEW Style 5 - Blooper Reel

We take all of the funniest/awkward moments of the day and compile them into one laughable and enjoyable video to song of your choice.

Wedding Rings


Combo - $2,499

This includes everything mentioned in the Full Footage and Highlights packages AND includes aerial footage for the highlights at no additional cost. You can consider this as the ultimate video production package.



Additional Time: $100/hour

Drone shots: $200 for a licensed aerial pilot for the day

After-Shoot: $300 (up to 3 hours)

Travel (roundtrip):

50 miles/1 hour = Free

100 miles/2 hours = $50

150 miles/3hours = $100

200 miles/ 4 hours = $150


1 Travel Day = $200

+expenses (gas, airafare,hotel, etc...)

Fresh Edit: $500

Want another version of your wedding day? We can take your old wedding video and recreate a new clip.

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