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Our Work

With every project is an amazing and fun experience. We created this page to show you how things are on the actual set and how much work is put into creating the final product.

National Inventors Hall of Fame | Film Only

The National Inventors Hall of Fame reached out looking for a one-day shoot in Springfield documenting the event that they had going on. The shoot consisted of gathering b-roll shots from multiple different classes and coordinating it in such a way that we wouldn't be filming any of the kids that weren't allowed to be on camera. We've also set up and conducted 5 different interviews with the help of an interviewer that they provided us with. We aren't allowed to share the videos but here are some snapshots of the interviews.

Entrepreneur's Organization | Master Class Production

EO reached out to us to record a 5 part series of their ongoing growing library of well-known speakers, authors, and other entrepreneurs. We had the pleasure of filming Dr. Valerie Young who has been on a TED talk before as well as the founder of the Impostor Syndrome Institute. Production took us about 3 hours. It was a 3 camera shoot with a teleprompter and an overhead shotgun mic. The editing turnaround time was about 2 weeks. Due to legal reasons, we can not include the video, but here are a few snapshots. in the production process, we kept in touch with the Marketing team in Mexico to approve our set-up at the time of the shoot so communication here was a crucial point. During the editing phase, we've also added graphics and utilized After Effects to make all of the graphics work.

Westfield Starfires Team | Social Media Content

After talking with the owner of the team, we've offered a custom package, which included us coming out every week for 2 hours and producing 5x deliverables, for every day of the week. Turnaround time for each shoot was on an average of 2 days, and sometimes even the next day.

SiteWest Inc. | Aerial Content

We've produced and filmed aerial footage for a tough project in the field of construction where a slope was at a challenging angle but the team was able to remove the trees from that landscape. Unfortunately we can't provide the video, but here are some snapshots.