Case Studies

With every project is an amazing and fun experience. We created this page to show you how things are on the actual set and how much work is put into creating the final product. Overall I personally love looking through here as it brings back a lot of good memories with all of my clients.

November 2021

"Our Family" | Music Video

After internationally acclaimed music artist and director Dan Shevchenko reached out to produce a fall-themed music video, we had to act fast as the fall season was nearing to an end. after deciding the theme and production date, it went pretty smooth, Directing the kids was a challenge but otherwise everything went quite well in the 3 hours that we had at Look Park in Southampton, MA.

October 2021

Dmitry and Gaby |
Branding Video

One of the biggest challenges with this production was that we had to present 2 services that were almost exact opposites. So after taking some time to write a script we then took one day to come out and film. Filming took from 4 pm to about 8 pm, so around 4 hours in total. We then proceeded to use relative stock footage as b-roll and added in some motion graphic work and created a final masterpiece. Since the video wasn't yet released we can only show some preview pictures.

September - October 2021

Debora Florek | Clay May Investor Pitch

Debora reached out with the need to edit 3 pre-recorded videos into a highlight clip that she and her husband filmed. After discussing the end goals of the video, we decided to recreate the video entirely from scratch. We then took the challenge of producing an attractive script and then filming it one month later. We filmed at a private estate in Montgomery with whom we have a great relationship and plan on producing more shoots in the future. The result and response of the final product were just amazing!

"Grig Cinema exceeded my expectations in every way. From being the creative force in planning, writing the script, amazing filming, and helping with continuing my project, Grig Cinema made this a pleasure. I am still in awe over the filming and professional quality. The difference is that Grig Cinema is 100% committed to doing their best for you - I am so happy that I chose them to promote my product. You will find that Grig Cinema will be your smartest decision."

- Deb Florek- Product Developer

August 2021

Conklin Office Furniture |
Project 3

Having already filmed 4 ads throughout the year with Conklin, we had a lot of b-roll that didn't make the cut. So after I was presented with a script and voice-over, we immediately got to work and crafted an ad from the existing footage we had in our archives. The result came out great and it also saved Conklin a lot of money as our production team didn't have to make an appearance.

August 2021

Westfield Starfires | Hype Reel

After connecting with the Director of the Starfires baseball team, we decided on creating a 30-second hype reel. The goal was to boost awareness of the Westfield Starfires of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League. So the day of the game I came with an assistant and began filming 2 hours before the game started. Throughout the whole entire game, we had beautiful lighting and weather which were a big plus. A couple of days later we created one of the coolest sports videos we've ever done by far! The feedback was phenomenal!

August 2020 - August 2021

Breckenridge Demolition |
Hampden Homebuyers

When I first heard of this project, I got pretty excited because demolitions are always fun to film and watch. After filming the demolition from around 7 am - 9 am, we then had one of the companies employee's (Audra) take pictures regularly of the ongoing construction. A year later, a new house is built and we filmed the final interviews and b-roll in the finished house.

July 2021

Intro Scene | NH Play

I was asked to create a dramatic video that was to be premiered before the start of a 1 hour long live play in New Hampshire. With the audio file and a couple of ideas from the main event organizers, I began to develop a storyboard. After creating the storyboard, we had one of the organizers help me with locating the right props and items for set decoration. The actual shoot happened inside of a big dark library. It took us about an hour and a half to properly set up and another couple of hours to get the perfect shots. We had a last-minute improvisation of adding in a "jail moon-light" to which we improvised by casting harsh light blocked off by cardboard and tape, to which the end results gave the effect of moonlight shining through the jail cell window. The end result was well applauded. The audio and play were performed in the Russian language. The B-roll seen throughout the video is from the TV show "The Chosen" to which we received a green light to use from the director.

July 2021

Perfect Curve Inc. | Product Videos

This was a fun project to work on, it took place near Boston and we filmed inside the owner's home. With all of our lighting gear, we were able to transform his home into a professional studio. Achieving high-end results on a budget! We filmed 2 different products and in the end, created 6 deliverables (60sec/30sec/15sec versions for both products).

July 2021

Camp Ashford

Working with kids and staff was a fun and amazing experience. The goal was to produce a video and show it the next day. It was a 5-day camp, I filmed all day, at times improvising short skits, stayed up editing past midnight, and premiered the next day. The results and feedback were amazing!

Click here to watch the full video

June 2021

Caruso Instrumental Cello Ft. Elona Petlyakov

When the bride reached out in hopes of producing a music video for her wedding, I had to think quickly since the wedding was in about a week. After finding the perfect spot, we picked a time and captured these moments which were then premiered for her groom at the wedding.


April 2021

HCC Marieb Chair Award Ceremony

Challenged with organizing schedules, interviews, actors, and a creative flow, this project turned out to be a blast! We've done VFX work, color-grading, stabilizing, SFX design, motion graphics and so much more to make this the best video HCC has ever seen!

March 2021

NEAM QR Code Project

I've been working with the New England Air Museum on multiple projects and this is probably one of the coolest ones. After having Amanda lead the interviews with many well-known engineers, pilots, and technicians, we then created a 4-5min video of their stories. (The original interviews were about 30min long.) Due to our contract, I am not able to post these videos publically, but you can find them at the museum.


January 2021

Conklin Office Furniture | Part 2

After the successful delivery of our first 2 ads, we started working on another 2 commercials focusing more on the products and less on the pandemic. These have been playing on big channels such as CNN, WSNBC, FOX, etc...


December 2020

Yankee Candle Village

It was a one-day shoot that we probably did within the time span of 4-5 hours. I arrived with my drone, got some aerial footage. We then went in and conducted the interview after which Barbara then led me through the building showing me the key features they would like to highlight throughout the video.