It's A Story

We figured it would best be explained in pictures.

  • My father is a wedding photographer and he always took me to weddings

  • By the age of 12, I've been to over 100 weddings across America helping him

  • My freshman year in high school is when I filmed my first wedding

  • In my senior year of high school, I've launched my video production company

  • Before graduating, I placed 1st in a filming competition on a district level and then placed 5th Internationally for another contest where thousands competed.

  • I then began to slowly gain a passion for commercial filmmaking and continued to grow in college where I was awarded the entrepreneurial spirit award

    • Only 2 students were awarded out of the whole college!​

  • I got married to my beautiful wife and assistant​

  • We now strive to produce the best and most creative ads out on the market with the goals of expanding and growing our team.