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How It Started

Pictures > 1,000 Words


My passion for storytelling was ignited early on. I remember this standout moment in 1st grade: I wrote a story so funny and unique, the teachers couldn't help but share it with the principal, all because they were cracking up! This wasn't about mischief; it was about the joy and power a story could bring. That memory still drives me today. 


By blending modern technology with deep insights into human cognition, we craft narratives that resonate and highlight potential gaps in one's experiences. Drawing from neuroscience principles, we harness data-driven techniques to ensure our stories connect with emotion and memory.


We produce engaging video narratives that introduce audiences to products or services they might be missing in their lives. Through our stories, we present your product or service as the essential element that can enhance their experiences, providing both pleasure and solutions to their needs.


We are a premier full-service production company, journeying across America to craft compelling content for diverse clients. With a passionate team of professionals continually expanding, our vision is to elevate our craft and make a difference, one story at a time

Our storytellers


Eric Grigoryan

Owner/ Professional Filmmaker and Strategist


Veronica Grigoryan


Screenshot 2023-05-09 094554.jpg

Karen Grigoryan

Professional Photographer

1-YN - 0051.jpg

Yuriy Kaptyug

Professional Videographer

Quick Turnaround | Flexible Schedule | 100% Customer Satisfaction

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